Q. Is Peace Together Project a non-profit, charity or tax-exempt organization?

A. Currently, Peace Together Project is NOT a non-profit, NOT registered as a charity or 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt organization. Peace Together Project is in the discovery and startup phase. It is best categorized as an independent social endeavor that does NOT solicit financial contributions or other donations from the public and is funded, in whole, by its founder.

Q. What is a social endeavor?

A. A social endeavor is a conscientious activity intended to accomplish something good for others in the community.

Q. What is a charity?

A. All charitable organizations operating in New York State are required by law to register and file annual financial reports with the Attorney General’s Office. This includes any organization that conducts charitable activities, holds property that is used for charitable purposes, or solicits financial or other contributions.

Q. Is Peace Together Project a grief counseling or support group?

A. No. Peace Together Project is not a grief counseling or support group. We provide an outlet for parents who carry the grief of losing a child to create positive energy in remembering their son or daughter through helping others in the community. See our Resource section for locating a grief counseling or support group.

Q. Is Peace Together a religious or faith-based movement?

A. No. Peace Together Project is not a religious or faith-based group. In fact, Peace Together Project has adopted an all-embracing/all-inclusive policy that accepts and embraces all people for who they are.

Q. What defines a project?

A. A project is any act that provides a  positive impact on the community or act of kindness as a loving tribute to the memory of your passed child.

Q. I don’t know where to start on doing something like this. Will you help me with a project as a tribute to my passed child?

A. Yes. Peace Together Project will help you piece together your project to the best of our ability.

Q. Is there a charge or fee to help me get started with a project?

A. No. There is no charge or fee for our support to assist you with your project.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Just contact us when you’re ready to sit and meet with us to discuss your project or ideas.