Wish for W.A.R.M. Impact


Pairs of Gloves




Pairs of Socks




TOTAL W.A.R.M. Impact


Pairs of Hand Warmers

You made the Wish for W.A.R.M. drive a success!

There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your support in the Warm Apparel Relief Movement pilot program. Your generosity has provided 3,357 warm items for our homeless men, women and children.

Our efforts are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors and volunteers who answer the call to help others. The following is what our partner missions had to say about the the Wish for W.A.R.M. drive.

“Thank you for your amazing efforts and donations. We very much appreciate your generosity. The hats, gloves and scarfs will definitely get us through the winter and you have supplied enough socks to get us through the next year, this is amazing. The youth we serve come to us with so few personal items, to be able to provide them with these new, fresh, clean items will really boost their spirits, make them feel welcome and comfortable.  Your mission goes far beyond warm apparel, it eases the burden of just surviving, it allows the young ladies to focus on becoming better moms, independent young women and contributing members of our society. Thank you again for supporting Evelyn’s House.”

“We are blessed to be the beneficiary of so much generosity with this effort.” “We are so thankful for your generous donations.  The homeless center guests really need the cold weather gear.”