Peace Together Project is a non profit organization bringing communities together though activities, events, projects and acts of kindness.

Co-founders, Louis LaBella, Sr. with his son Chris, started on this path upon adopting a project as a celebration to his son Louis, Jr’s 40th birthday who passed 5 years earlier.

On June 27, 2018, Louis Sr. adopted a day at Habitat for Humanity and provided minor repairs for senior  home owners as part of an aging-in-place program. The outcome of that day and the impact of that project was amazing.  read here

Since that day, Peace Together Project has evolved into a community platform to motivate and inspire others by bringing people together. It has provided volunteer efforts to veterans and aging-in-place projects, support to our Homeless and local shelters, random acts of kindness and the Be Kind 365 movement of connecting people together through simple acts of kindness which span 6 continents.

Our charitable initiatives are planned as community projects doing something kind for others.

Peace Together Project provides  programs, projects and activities that fill the void of services which meet the needs of the communities we serve. These core programs and services are conducted 100% through the efforts of dedicated volunteers.

Mission and Vision Statement


Bringing communities together to help those in need by providing charitable services and programs.


To create a social environment that encourages and inspires kindness, generosity, and community involvement.


Q. Is Peace Together Project a not-for-profit, charity or tax-exempt organization?

A. On June 27, 2022, (Louie’s birthday) Peace Together Project was formed as a not-for-profit charitable corporation with 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status.

Q. Is Peace Together a religious or faith-based movement?

A. No. Peace Together Project is not a religious, faith-based group or politically motivated organization. In fact, Peace Together Project has adopted an all-embracing/all-inclusive policy that accepts and embraces all people for who they are. Simply, Peace Together Project is a religious and political free zone to bring community together.

Q. What defines a project?

A. A project is any act that provides a  positive impact on the community or act of kindness.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Just contact us when you’re ready to sit and meet with us.

Get Involved


Peace Together Project is a 100% volunteer-driven organization with a simple goal of providing support to community activities, events, projects and acts of kindness.

Our community platforms are Inspired by kindness and driven by the warm and caring  smiles of our volunteer network. We are looking for virtual volunteers to work remotely or hands-on with the following programs:

Be Kind 365 – spreading acts of kindness one day at a time.

The Peace P.O.S.S.E. – providing soft friends to comfort children in crisis.

Wish for W.A.R.M. – providing warm apparel and street survival care bags for our homeless.

It is through the dedication of our volunteer network that make our projects possible. Please contact us to volunteer and be part of the Peace t.e.a.m.

email: info@PeaceTogetherProject.org 

Call: 315.333.2357