Wish for W.A.R.M. Drive

Wish for W.A.R.M. – Winter Apparel Relief Movement, was founded as a community platform of Peace Together Project. Wish for W.A.R.M. Brings donors and shelters together to provide warm apparel such as beanies, gloves and socks to our area homeless through an online wish list drive. If you want to support our homeless as they wish for warm clothing, join in on the Wish for W.A.R.M. drive beginning on Giving Tuesday Dec. 1st. To donate go to wishforwarm.org . #homelessdrive #clothesdrive #homelessshelter #donate #givingtuesday #givingback #community #wishforwarm #peacetogetherproject

Be Kind 365

Thank you everyone who participated…. 
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Louis LaBella Sr.February 7 · Peace Together Project launched the Be Kind 365 initiative to inspire family and friends to do something kind for someone else… Our efforts connected communities throughout the country and reaching as far as Ecuador, South America… We are excited that the ripple effect of Be Kind 365 from a simple smile or a friendly hello brought strangers together and made a difference in the following areas….
Utica, NY – Hubbardton, VT – Mansfield, TX – Tampa, FL Marietta – GA – Syracuse, NY – Burbank, CA – Sauquoit, NY – Charlestown, SC – Albany, NY – Naples, FL Herkimer, NY – Frankfort, NY – Chicago, IL – Ecuador, South America 

Be Kind 365 – Brevard County Florida

February 9, 2019 · Palm Bay, FL

Today the women of Harris dedicated our Habitat for Humanity Women’s Build Day of Volunteering to Be Kind 365! We are passing on an act of kindness in Melbourne, Florida! ☀️

Peace Together Project Tracy, I cannot begin to express the gratitude to your volunteering at Habitat for Humanity in Brevard County, Florida and dedicating the day to Be Kind 365 in memory of Louie, Jr. (or perhaps as you may remember him from the old neighborhood as ‘little Lou’…) Your kindness has touched my heart beyond belief and brought tremendous joy to an otherwise not so sunny day… When I noticed that you are holding a copy of the BeKind 365 post, and then saw your photo of the group making the heart symbol, I broke down into tears…. As I shared this in my Habitat office just now, we are all overcome with emotion…. Please share my most sincere appreciation and heartfelt thank you to the entire team…. With all my love and peace…. ‘Big Lou’ ☮️💕