Be Kind 365

Louis LaBella Sr.    January 27 

 Last week, I bumped into a classmate and friend of Louie Jr.,… He took the time to tell me that he and Louie shared the same birth date and he reads the posts on Facebook of our community efforts… As he choked up with heartfelt emotions, he went on to offer kind words of encouragement, support and expressed a strong commitment to be part of what we are doing with Peace Together Project… 

As I tried to hold back the tears, I conveyed my deepest appreciation and mentioned that the mission is ‘Finding peace, by piecing together lives’… Little did he know, by taking the time to reach out to me, his simple act of kindness helped ‘piece together my life’… You see, I was in a difficult mindset missing Louie and struggling with posting these stories on Facebook;… thinking we should keep these things private… My thoughts throughout the day were lay low and not mention our next initiative… and then by chance, we ran into each other. It will be remembered as a significant milestone in my life, not only in remembering and sharing stories of Louie Jr.,… but, to stay on course with the direction of Peace Together Project, in hope that we may provide some positive inspiration to others… 

We believe ‘every day is the right time to do something good’, so Peace Together Project is launching a simple act of kindness initiative called Be Kind 365…
Our Be Kind 365 project is planned for Friday, February 1st, 2019 and is poised to connect family and friends together to inspire others to reach out and do something kind for someone else.

Never underestimate a random act of kindness… Even the simplest things such as a smile, a friendly gesture or running into someone and taking the time to offer some kind words can make a difference in their life…. Believe me when I say, “It has made a difference in mine”… 

Perhaps, we can inspire you to provide one simple act of kindness this Friday, February 1st, 2019… For more information: messenger me on Facebook
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In Peace, Louis Sr.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted…” 

Homeless Survival Kit

I would like to share a story of one winter night when Louie Jr. came home and woke me up all excited to tell me of his night’s events. He said “Dad don’t get mad at me; but, I gave my new coat to a homeless guy outside of the Auburn tonight. It was freezing out and I saw him with no coat on, so I gave him my coat.”  I replied, “Louie, I’m so proud of you and of course I’m not mad…. But I’m pretty sure you wore your brother’s coat tonight!” True story…

In staying with how many times both my boys, Chris and Louie, did so many wonderful and spontaneous acts of kindness, Peace Together Project donated winter #Warm knit hats and gloves to the Homeless coalition survival kits for this winter… With temperatures falling below zero, please consider providing #warm items and support to homeless shelters and missions… In Peace, Louis Sr.

Syracuse Orange Game Tickets

Best Seats In The House

Me and Chris having a great day at the Dome… Syracuse won in double overtime… Plus we gave 50 yard line seats to (2) kids from Marcellus HS as a random act-of-kindness of The Peace Together Project in memory of Louie Jr.

It was a Win – Win – Win for everyone!  Except for North Carolina fans  🙁

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