Thank you for your support

I am overwhelmed by the wonderful response regarding Louie’s 40th Birthday post last week… Friends, old and new, have shared kind words, prayers, stories, support and their love.
With hundreds of comments, texts, emails and calls, the following response is a thank you to everyone for taking the time to reach out and make Louie’s 40th birthday a day of celebration…
For Those Friends of Louie… He loves you all – and so do we.
For all those who miss him… He lives within your laughter.
For those who share stories of my Boys… I always love hearing about their escapades.
Those from my high school and college years… Time may pass – but, the bond has not weathered.
Those who still call me lumpy… Don’t stop – it brings back great memories.
Those who still call me coach… Thank you for such an honor and respect… but, you taught me more than I taught you.
Those who don’t know what to say… That’s ok; I too, am speechless – but, I will take a hug.
Those of you who make me laugh… Don’t stop
For those who wonder “what’s Habitat for Humanity”… Sign up to volunteer and I’ll explain it to you.
For those who wonder what #ProjectSemicolon means…It’s a viral movement that is bringing mental health awareness to the forefront. The ; tattoo is a symbol of hope, support and remembrance.
For those who ask why close with ’Peace out’ … That’s how Louie would say “see you later” – he would hit his chest twice and throw you the peace sign.
For those who shared their grief and loss of a child… No words can express my feelings for you; so I would like to share a text I received: “Thank you for being brave and sharing your story. You never know who is listening and whose life you made better… “
Peace out my friends;